August (2018)
Accelerated Weight-Loss / Anti-Aging
Ecuador, August 1, 2018 -- Last January I got to the point where I was very out of shape as a result of being overworked with my client load, intense study, and writing schedule. I was focusing on the health of my clients, but I wasn't focusing on my own. I wasn't exercising anymore, and I wasn't eating as well as I should. The result was mild body dysmorphia and depression.
Reaching out for help, I found solace in the underground anti-aging movement in Cuenca and with the help of international trainer and former fashion model, Michel Blanchard, I've been able to completely remake my body. With the added help of unusual compounds to rebuild the telomeres, I am finding that real anti-aging technologies are coming of age.
This month I am beginning a blog to describe my journey and discuss my experiences with the most exotic compounds in the anti-aging movement, including C60 and other fullerenes, epitalon, cycloastrogenol, klotho, NT3, carnosine, programmed water, hydrogen therapy, stem cell therapy, etc. I will be placing my posts on the news section of this site, beginning in early August.

July (2018)

Ecuador, July 2, 2018 -- The paperback version of my latest book, Living on the Precipice: Global Corruption, the Supremacy of "Fake," and Reflections on Near-Term Human Extinction is now in publication. It is available, both on HerbHealers and this site's store. (See complete final cover with book description.)
Drawing from online essays and various postings made from 1996 to 2018, the book covers the most serious issues currently confronting humanity and the world at large.
I've received numerous requests to discuss the particulars of my previous book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy (2017). Requests for complementary books for review by interviewers and their producers should be made to:

December, 1997

Ecuador, December 2, 2017 -- My latest book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy: Why Criminality Is Essential To Effective Modern Government / Our Rebirth In The Wake of Their Destruction of Our World, is currently available from Amazon, as well as our own online stores, and storefronts -- (the former for orders in the U.S. and Canada; the latter for orders to all other countries). The book is also available on Amazon. I have prepared a special announcement to friends and associates in conjunction with its release.
Beautifully illustrated by world renowned illustrator and graphic designer, David Dees, the book uses an original approach to social structural analysis to conclusively demonstrate that Government, regardless of structure or type, is inherently criminal -- a defect that no amount of tinkering or reorganization can change. The current global super-structure of interlocking governments and NGO's -- the most extensive in recorded history -- is the single largest contributor to the Holocene Extinction Event which is currently in progress. A point of no return has been crossed such that the current trend cannot be reversed. This is causing some serious researchers to subscribe to the idea that we are facing near-term human extinction (NTE) in a relatively few number of years in the face of the ongoing, documentable collapse of habitat.
The book ends with a discussion of a coming Event that will serve to change the world for those who seek an escape. The opening of the book up to and including the introduction is now available as a free read.