Lumen: Food for a New Age
First published in 1986, Lumen: Food for a New Age was a tour de force on the benefits of vegetarianism, personally and ecologically. Incorporating references to hundreds of studies, the book was launched to also support my vegetarian food company, Lumen Foods. (Cathryn and I sold the company in 2007, just prior to moving to Ecuador.)
The book sold 45,000 copies before we let it go "out of print" some time in the late 90's. However, used copies are available from Amazon. (245 pages; contains hundreds of post-chapter references; released only in paperback. No index.) Click to enlarge.

MLM Fraud
MLM Fraud (1991) is one of the works of which I'm most proud -- even though it was squashed by litigation by those on whom I was reporting. This happened despite my having the results of a polygraph test (Truman Capote-style) at the opening of the book -- attesting to events to which I had been an eyewitness.
Various parties mentioned in the book banded together and sued me in the mid-90's, including one associate who would go on to become one of the most famous infomercial salesmen in the history of television, (Kevin Trudeau). I didn't have the financial wherewithal to fight multiple lawsuits in different states (Texas and Illinois), while residing in Louisiana. Therefore, I lost by default to the tune of over $200 million: the largest judgments in history against a living author, according to my Louisiana attorney at the time, David J. Williams.
This was my first lesson in the degree to which "Freedom of Speech" is nearly non-existent when it comes to matters of great public importance that monied interests don't want released. (177 pages, released only in paperback. No bibliography or index.)

I began this project in the summer of 1984 -- in-between 8 months in jail and a 33-month, FDA-driven prison sentence. In a sense Meditopia® is the precursor to The Joys of Psychopathocracy, and, in fact, there are a number of prominent passages where Meditopia® is quoted liberally.
Meditopia® remains online (a free read) but unpublished. Knowing that I may not have the time to finish it to the level of perfection that the material demands, I went ahead and incorporated the best parts of it into Living on the Precipice, which is discussed below. Chapters 1, 2, and 4 have also been incorporated into the appendices of Black Salve, also discussed below.

The book, published in the summer of 2012, was inspired by a series of exploratory ayahuasca journeys I took from the fall of 2011 to May of the following year. As an herbalist, I work with a variety of different categories of botanical materials, not the least of which are "entheogenics," which are very much a part of life among the indigeous in the Amazon.
Given time, practice, inclination, and avocation, ayahuasca can be used to obtain known about information in the present . . . and the future.
As is the case with Meditopia®, this book is quoted liberally in The Joys of Psychopathocracy, particularly in the last two chapters. (182 pages; no bibliography or index. Published only in paperback.)

The Joys of Psychopathocracy: Why Criminality is Essential to Effective Modern Government / Our Rebirth in the Wake of Their Destruction of our World. I wrote more than half of this book "in my head" while imprisoned in Beaumont, Texas during the summer of 2010. It would take seven years before I felt it was the time to discuss its particulars.
"Joys" is now available, both on HerbHealers and Amazon. The Kindle version is now available, as well. Read the opening to the book, including the introduction. (353 pages, including hundreds of references, bibliography with ISBN's and index / available in both digital and paperback editions from this site's online store.)

Living on the Precipice: Global Corruption, the Supremacy of "Fake" & Reflections on Near-Term Human Extinction / The Essential Internet Postings (1996-2018).
This work is an anthology of the best of my internet postings over a 22 year period. Incorporates the best of the Meditopia and Ashwin file postings. (503 pages, including hundreds of references, bibliography with ISBN's and index / available in both digital and paperback editions from this site's online store.).

Black Salve is a practical book on the use of escharotic "Black Salve." Since 1989 I've used the compound on myself to remove about a dozen malignancies, mostly skin cancer but also a diagnosed case of actinic keratosis. As a researcher in the world of herbalism who has travelled the world in search of remedies that have been shown effective through centuries of ethnobotanical usage, nothing compares to its amazing properties. It deserves better treatment and a more honest examination, along with specific instructions, than you'll currently find on the internet. Well, here it is. (351 pages, including references, bibliography with ISBN's and index / available in both digital and paperback editions from this site's online store.)