February, 2018

Ecuador, February 15, 2018 -- Last Monday (Feb. 12) I flew to Mexico to participate as a speaker at Anarchapulco 2018, where I was invited to speak. The subject of my presentation was my newest book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy. (See speaker's list; also see my flight itinerary and hotel reservation and Mexico customs declaration form, where I made it clear that I was entering Mexico to participate as a speaker at the conference.)
As I went through immigration in Mexico City, where I would connect with my flight to Acapulco, I was pulled off the line. I was then taken to a small room where it was made clear that I would not be allowed to enter Mexico because of "asuntos legales pendientes" (pending legal issues) in the United States. Shortly thereafter, I was presented with a large stack of legal documents, and told that I had to sign everywhere on the forms where a signature was solicited. I was not allowed to read the documents. I was not allowed to possess any copies of these documents. This was made clear to me, as I speak sufficiently good Spanish to have determined this. So even now, I have no earthly idea what it is that I signed. It was never intended that I know.
I spent the next 12 hours in a detention cell until I was allowed to board a flight back to Ecuador, which left Mexico City at 1:20 a.m. I arrived back in Quito at 6:22 a.m., local time, one hour ahead of Mexico City time. As I write this, my luggage is sitting in Acapulco, so I had to file a claim).
Upon arriving in Quito, the first thing that immigration asked me was, "What happened in Mexico?" I was detained for four hours while Ecuadorean officials looked into the matter. In fact, I was still in immigration talking to police officials long after all other passengers had long since departed. This is what the officials I spoke with shared with me: the reason I have travelled by air within Ecuador for years without a problem is because the Interpol matter I detail exhaustively in Meditopia had long since been buried as adjudicated. However, just prior to my flying to Mexico, my old information was reinserted, as if it was a new Interpol filing. There are no "pending" legal issues. What was not a problem before was now coming onscreen, which meant that this was a targeted hit by someone in Washington.
I am assuming that either someone didn't want me to speak in Mexico, or someone is enjoying messing with my life, as they did in 2009, or both.