A Very Personal Announcement to Friends,
Associates, and Clients About the Release of
"The Joys of Psychopathocracy"

Ecuador, October 1, 2017 -- In the summer of 2004, following eight months in a stark Louisiana parish jail, waiting for charges from the FDA (the details of which I could only guess), I wrote the first draft of Meditopia. It was never my intention that thirteen years later, it still be a "work-in-progress."
Because of the many astonishing revelations made in that online book, I have been asked repeatedly over the years when I was going to finish it. Although many additions and alternations have been made to Meditopia over the years, it remains incomplete.
Following my illegal kidnapping in December, 2009, a book concept came to me that incorporated many of the principles of Meditopia but with a much broader view. In fact, I "wrote" the title and the first three chapters of the book in my head while incarcerated in Beaumont, Texas, beginning in June, 2010 -- six years after beginning Meditopia. I decided in early June of this year that I was going to sequester myself for three months (June 15 to September 15, 2017) and finally finish the project. I was off by one day. I finished late on Thursday, September 14, and the paperback is now available on Amazon. (The digital versions will be able within the next two weeks.)
I want to thank the many well-wishers without whose support I could not have completed this journey. I truly feel that there was some divine providence in the production of this work, and I was given a confirmation of this is a most wondrous and amazing way. Around June 10, 2010, I purchased a watch from the prison commissary: a standard-issue Timex Ironman Triathlon. Well after I returned to Ecuador on September 2, 2011, I began to wonder how long it would be before the watch battery gave out. Two years turned into three. Three into four. The watch continued to run.
On Friday, September 15th, I returned home to my wife following my three month, self-imposed sabbatical. The book was complete, including all illustrations and typographic designs. I went to bed early that night. Around midnight, I looked at my watch to tell the time. I could not. The watch battery had finally given out after 7 years, 3 months, and 5 days of faithful service. It's life began shortly before the book concept came to me, and its life ended on the very day I had set to finish the project. It was my guardian to ensure that this time the project was complete. Now I know it may sound foolishly anthropomorphic to view this "bookending" of a simple book by a long-lived watch battery to be something of meaningful significance. But, as I affirm in Chapter 3 of Meditopia, it is so often through synchronicity that the Divine speaks to us.
Oh -- and something else.
Having a mind for numbers and realizing that mathematical relationships can often be revealing, as I lay there in bed, staring at the blank screen on my watch face, I began to ponder the numbers. June 10, 2010 to September 15, 2017. That's 87 months and a few days extra. Looking for cycles within cycles, I contemplated the duration of my actual writing. I rented a cottage for three months on June 15th, but wasn't able to start working until the following Tuesday -- June 20. What duration of time is that -- I wondered? Tuesday, June 20 to Tuesday, September 12 is 12 weeks, or 84 days. Add 3 days to get to September 15 plus 84 and you get 87 days. But it is now about midnight. So it's 87 days and a few hours extra. Both signify the approach of the number 88 -- an ancient symbol of fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. Again, I didn't press the subconscious for these numerical relationships. They just effortlessly came to me.
Meaningful and telling? Or just a remarkable coincidence? Then, again, some might say that even the casual contemplation of the numbers behind events is obsessive. We'll see.

But quite apart from these underlying numbers and patterns, I can say that I am pleased with the end result: a book that acts as a deprogramming tool so the reader can understand the current state of the world in a whole new way. It is the distillation of a lifetime of learning.
I hope you'll take the time to read it and then write to me at greg@gregcaton.com to share your thoughts.