October, 2020

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People Are Still Having Sex
(The 2020 Upgrade -- Lyrics)

his is a artistic contraction of eight months of following the "Scams of 2020" -- something I've been doing since February 2, 2020. Few people will ever take the hundreds of hours of time to read through the links or my extensive comments, so I thought I'd throw together a six minute video just to point out the highlights. The video is a satirical, takeoff from the popular song, People Are Still Having Sex, (1991) by La Tour. Lyrics in English are below, along with footnotes that provide further explanation.
I'm copyrighting the words only to the extent necessary to prevent their abuse. If you ask me to use them, no reasonable request will be denied. I don't charge for this. I will only ask that you cite me as the source of the lyrics.

Verse / Lyrics Comments
Verse One Meter: reverse iambic tetrameter
1.1 People are still having sex 1 All five verses begin with this line for emphasis
1.2 This CoVid thing's not working 2 Each verse = nine couplets
1.3 People still perform their tasks
1.4 But some refuse to wear their masks 3
1.5 Some may think the rules erratic
1.6 Not knowing that it's all satanic 4
1.7 They think that they'll be saved by Cyrus 5
1.8 We'll scare them with another virus 6
1.9 While people hide inside their homes 7
1.10 Scared to death of exosomes 8
1.11 The knowledge of the actual cause
1.12 Is something that won't give them pause 9
1.13 Their leaders show their impotence
1.14 As we enforce subservience 10
1.15 Though our disinfo is outrageous 11
1.16 Some now know -- it's non-contagious 12
1st female demonic refrain:
1.17 There is nothing too unkind
1.18 If we can just control your mind 13
Verse Two
2.1 People are still having sex
2.2 This riot thing's not working
2.3 We've used our minions, so malicious
2.4 To make our efforts more pernicious 14
2.5 Our plans are broad -- both timed and spatial
2.6 To instigate things that are racial 15
2.7 Though factions bicker and divide
2.8 In politics, we rule all sides 16
2.9 Who'll question our efficiency
2.10 To eliminate all decency? 17
2.11 Or the ways we use Big Tech
2.12 To bring about our global wreck? 18
2.13 Ordinary people still play cupid
2.14 They'll never know 'cause they're too stupid 19
2.15 Still -- enough are well aware
2.16 To watch out for their own welfare 20
2nd female demonic refrain:
2.17 Our dark domain will be enshrined
2.18 Once we tap into your mind 21
Verse Three
3.1 People are still having sex
3.2 These Democrats aren't working 22
3.3 We've done our best to make them poisonous 23
3.4 (And) consolidate the country's strangeness 24
3.5 There's discontent throughout the land
3.6 By our unholy unseen hand 25
3.7 It's moving now -- expedient!
3.8 Made so by whores in media 26
3.9 We'll work on those who aren't obsessed
3.10 The few of them who aren't possessed 27
3.11 The common man, he has no vision
3.12 To see the role of television 28
3.13 But it was always understood
3.14 Who really controls Hollywood 29
3.15 Still -- they've made things so unsavory
3.16 The rest of them sense abject slavery 30
3rd female demonic refrain:
3.17 Now that you'll be left behind
3.18 Your blood with ours will be combined 31
Verse Four
4.1 People are still having sex
4.2 Alternatives are working 32
4.3 In principles they won't agree
4.4 That's how we'll cook them with 5G 33
4.5 Environmental terraforming?
4.6 We'll blame it all on global warming! 34
4.7 We'll take away 'lectricity 35
4.8 And bathe them in toxicity 36
4.9 Then we'll cut the food supply
4.10 To watch the masses as they die 37
4.11 They'll never see the correlation
4.12 That leads to mass depopulation38
4.13 As you can see, we'll spend the trillions
4.14 To get to that 500 million39
4.15 From depths of hell, our ears do hearken
4.16 As long as it will serve the archon40
4th female demonic refrain:
4.17 Our war complete, your contract signed,
4.18 Your soul is done, it's ours to bind 41
Verse Five
5.1 People are still having sex
5.2 While all the pieces are in play 42
5.3 Our methods you may find abysmal
5.4 That lead to something cataclysmal 43
5.5 We will bring about your fall
5.6 While desecrating Natural Law 44
5.7 Don't worry how we reach our goals
5.8 We hide intent with teams of trolls 45
5.9 The FEMA camps and guillotines 46
5.10 We'll thin the herd with our vaccines 47
5.11 Lone voices may draw some attention
5.12 To the well-planned 'nihilation 48
5.13 A few may see the coming tide
5.14 Of things that lead to their demise 49
5.15 (But) there's scarcity of sanity
5.16 To see the fate of humanity 50
Final demonic refrain -- narrator:
5.17 There is nothing too unkind
5.18 Now that we control your mind 51


    Verse One

  1. People Are Still Having Sex" -- As stated in the video's opening title, this composition was inspired by a popular tune going back to 1991: People Are Still Having Sex by La Tour. In the context of this video, "people are still having sex" becomes a metaphor for living a normal human life -- something that the CoVid phenomenon is intended to strip away. If you belong to a species that propagates through sexual reproduction, then sex is a part of normal life. For humans that also includes breathing, eating, kissing, hugging, or shaking a friend's hand -- all of which have somehow been perversely affected by a flurry of ridiculous CoVid rules.
    For example, kissing while wearing a mask, a device that does nothing to prevent you from getting CoVid, is another example of satanic ritualism turned into fake public health measures. Images of this appear later in the video, but I'll get to that later.
    Since this video was produced "on the cheap," I played the uncomfortable role of an Elitist -- demonic, arrogant, despising anything decent, wholesome, or sacred -- and a friend of mine, who works as a model, played the role of a female demon, with four crucial couplets that appear throughout the video.

  2. "This CoVid thing's not working" -- It's debatable whether CoVid is working exactly as its architects planned. (There's evidence going all the way back to 2010, that this CoVid crisis had been on the drawing board, as I've discussed throughtout my 2020 blog.) This line was inspired by one from the original version by La Tour: "This AIDS thing's not working." It was replaced with the less politically-sensitive, "This safe thing's not working." This morphed into my more currently relevant version: "This Covid thing's not working."
    A critical mass of people is growing who are aware what a huge scam the entire CoVid phenomenon is, hence the inspiration for this line. More and more people don't trust government, media, Big Tech, Big Medicine, the vaccine industry, the Democratic Party (who have most enthusiastically endorsed the CoVid fake narrative) -- and rightly so. It's hard to imagine how this was part of the original CoVid design, so to this extent CoVid is absolutely not working as it optimally might, from its architects' viewpoint.

  3. "Some refuse to wear their masks" The mask wearing is obscenely absurd. If CoVid was contagious, perhaps the occasional use of an N95 mask would be warranted, but it's not. It's total bullshit. As I've said elsewhere, the human body breathes -- on average -- 20,000 times a day. If you treat inhalation and exhalation as two separate functions, 40,000 times. Every time you exhale, your body is ejecting excess CO2 (there is always some CO2 in the body), along with bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other cellular debris. The lungs are organs of elimination, just like the kidneys, bladder, colon, and even the skin.
    When you were little, you were probably taught that it's impolite to cough on another person. "Cover your mouth, child!" Well, there's a reason for this. You're potentially endangering the health of another person if you shower them with the cellular filth that's contained in the breath you exhale 20,000 a day. Now imagine wearing a mask all day long, as all the world's politicians, medical experts, and many religious leaders are advising that you do.
    It's unbelievably filthy and disgusting.
    It has no basis in real science -- only fake medical propaganda.
    When you wear a mask all day, or even for an hour, you're preventing the lungs from performing their proper function. It's like covering the exhaust manifold on your car. The cellular filth accumulates in the mask with every exhalation and stays there. Against your face. It's totally gross.
    If someone told you that it was a smart time-saving practice to shit and piss in your pants and wait until the end of the day to clean yourself up, would you believe them? No? Why not? If you're wearing a mask (unless forced to do so because of legal repercussions), it's the same damn thing.
    Additionally, as I've pointed out in my blog, it is impossible to breath normally using a mask. The air quality of what you're inhaling wouldn't even meet EPA or OSHA air quality standards. So there's double jeopardy. You're exhaling filth. Keeping it pinned to your face. And then you're inhaling unhealthy, contaminated air. Additionally, you're adding extra work for your lungs because they're now more stressed having to force the exhalation out and the new air in, through an artificial device that can be found nowhere in nature.
    Most of the time I live in the country at 3,000 meters (roughly 10,000) feet in the Andes mountains. Nobody wears a mask and nobody gets sick. Why would they? There's no 5G. The only reason I got a bad case of CoVid myself in March, 2020, is because I had been visiting Guayaquil in 2019 on numerous occasions for business where 5G was extensively tested. I quickly cured myself using a combination of MMS (chlorine dioxide); Vitamins C, D, and zinc supplementation; and Lugol's Iodine (to keep any opportunistic pathogens at bay). The worst of it only lasted me two days.
    Human stupidity and demonic influences are behind this ridiculous practice. Prudent public health practices have nothing to do with it.

  4. "Not knowing that it's all satanic" -- Our society has become so secular that metaphysical influences are not recognized or are ignored by the majority of people. There's more than a little truth to the Biblical expression: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Ephesians 6:12 -- NIV)
    The Founding Fathers of the United States understood this. As I point out in my book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy (2017), it is ironic that Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democratic Party in the U.S., would say "Government is a necessary evil." The operative word there isn't necessary. It's evil. The world has tribal peoples on every continent, except Antarctica, who have no semblance of what we call government. They do just fine. Moreover, according to American anthropologist, Marshall Sahlins, author of Stone Age Economics, indigenous peoples work an average of two to three hours per day. No more. With this in mind it becomes obvious, "People do not need government. Governments need people" -- a theme of the popular movie, V for Vendetta (2005). Understanding all this, the framers organized the United States with numerous checks and balances to keep the "evil" under control. They also endeavored to give it as little power to commit mischief as possible. "He who governs best, governs least." This is an obvious fundamental principle that demonic leftists appear unable to understand. The reason they don't understand it is because they're possessed -- something I cover later in the song. People think that demonic possession is rare. It isn't. It's unbelievably common.
    Also ironic is that Jefferson is the founder of a party that abhores all things godly, while it was he who emblazed on his personal seal: "Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God." (He was given the idea by Benjamin Franklin.)
    All of the most prominent features of worldwide CoVid regulation -- wholly pushed by Democrats -- all reflect aspects of demonic influence: mask wearing (signifying servitude to demonic authority), social distancing, contact tracing, the allowance of demonic, destructive rioting while denying churchgoers their constitutional right of assembly, etc. are demonic. It's satanic. All of it. The citizens of the world have been brought into the involuntary worship of Satan using a fake virus scam as a cover.

  5. "They think that they'll be saved by Cyrus" -- Donald Trump has been compared to King Cyrus the Great by numerous people, even authorities, including Benjamin Netanyahu. So in this verse, he is addressed as Cyrus. The reference to this leader of antiquity is promoted most by those who believe he is a savior, of sorts. If you care to know my personal opinion, Donald Trump is no Cyrus. What he is, however, is something akin to the boy in the Hans Brinker story who saves a Dutch village by plugging a hole in a dike, preventing mass flooding. If Trump did nothing more than prevent the ungodly, communist takeover of the United States by the Biden/Clinton Communist Crime Syndicate -- a veritable, ongoing American version of the Bolshevik Revolution -- he will have served his purpose and saved civilization.

  6. "We'll scare them with another virus" -- The history of modern medicine, in general, and the use of viruses, in particular, to scare people into doing the unthinkable is unbelievably scandalous. I cover this in my 2009 essay, Understanding Just Why It Was Never Possible For Orthodox Medicine to Heal More People Than It Maimed, Poisoned & Killed: To Grasp Modern History is to Realize That Ours in the 'Great Age of Iatrogenesis'
    For people who want more information on this, I recommend that you read my book, Living on the Precipice: Global Corruption, the Supremacy of Fake, and Reflections on Near-Term Human Extinction (2018), or get a copy of Virus Mania, pictured in this scene, by Torsten Engelbrecht with introduction by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

  7. "While people hide inside their homes" -- A clear reference to these ridiculous lockdowns, which -- again -- have no basis on real public health safety.

  8. "Scared to death of exosomes" is used here because that is what viruses are. They are lifeless cellular debris, created by your own body, in response to an internal toxic condition which your body is fighting. You will NEVER hear members of the MSM use this word because they're stuck on "virus", as their Pavlovian mantra to get people to wet their pants at its mere mention in connection with a health care crisis they are pushing.
    Exosomes -- that is to say "viruses" -- are not alive. They do not reproduce. There are as many types as there are people who have them. You do not legitimately have different species of virus, like you do with, let us say, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, lichen, nematodes or trematodes, etc. They are not contagious.
    Arthur Firstenberg, in his landmark The Invisible Rainbow, documents numerous experiments that were conducted around the time of the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, designed to show how infectous viruses are. Every single one of them failed. By the way, Firstenberg's book has 160 pages in its bibliography. I have to tell you: I'm a voracious reader. I have a personal library of 6,000 books -- probably the single, largest private library in English in the country of Ecuador. About 99% are non-fiction, mostly concerning medicine, health and their allied disciplines. Half of those books I've read either in whole or in part in my 64 years of life. Out of all of them, Firstenbert's book is the most authoratative and heavily documented dealing with this subject. I talked to him once on the phone after having read it and said, "You must have spent 30 years to write this thing." He replied, "That's exactly right."
    This work, along with Virus Mania, I regard as indispensible to truly understanding the full scope of the CoVid scam and the motives of the psychopathic politicians who push it.

  9. "Is something that won't give them pause" -- To understand CoVid, you have to take time to study it. The architects of CoVid fully understand that most people will not take the time to do this. Instead, they'll listen to CNN or MSNBC, like the sheep that they are, and believe whatever nonsense the elite come up with. Apple Computer co-founder, Steve Jobs, lamented at the end of his life that people don't read anymore. Paradoxically, he himself contributed massively to that reality.

  10. "As we enforce subservience" -- CoVid, which segued into race riots, massive destruction of public and private property, and the coded message from the Democrats that they will destroy the United States, come hell or high water, is about subservience. It's about making you more of a debt slave than you already were when this all started. It's about even worse things to come, which I get to later in the video.

  11. "Though our disinfo is outrageous" -- Somehow "outrageous" doesn't seem to encompass it, but it's on the way. I can't count how many times I have seen the persons shown in this scene: Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, or members of WHO -- and said to myself, "Are people really dumb enough to believe this bullshit?" Apparently they are, or the proponents of this nonsense wouldn't keep repeating it.

  12. "Some now know it's non-contagious": This is covered in detail in footnote #8 above. Speaking more personally, when I had CoVid last March (2020), I didn't wear a mask and nobody around me got it: not my wife, my assistant, my employees, nobody. Same goes for numerous people I've known who have had CoVid, which has hit Ecuador pretty hard because of all the 5G work they've done here. If you had CoVid, shouldn't the one person you're most intimate with catch it? Well, people have observed that this rarely happens. When it does happen, it's a concomitant event, as you were both exposed to the same electromagnetic influence. It didn't happen because CoVid is a contagious virus. It absolutely is not.

  13. "There is nothing too unkind / If we can just control your mind" -- First and foremost, "2020" has been a mind control psy-op. It reminds me of an old quote from 1981 from former CIA director, William Colby: "We will know our mission is complete when everything the American public believes is wrong." The CIA controls the media. Remember that.

  14. "More pernicious" -- There is no leftist revolution that I've ever known, in current affairs during my life, or in my study of history, that did not involve substantial loss of life, destruction of property, and huge conceptual inconsistencies in their underlying philosophy. These BLM and Antifa kids show obvious signs of demonic possession, which I have discussed extensively throughout my 2020 blog.

    Verse Two

  15. "to instigate things that are racial" -- this is a control program set up by the elite to keep people at each other's throats. Throughout history, slavery has been relatively color-blind. Poor black folk, who were enslaved, built the agricultural South in the U.S., while millions of "white slaves" built the industrial north. This is something they don't teach in school, but it has been heavily documented. I talked about this at length in a video I put out in July -- (this discussion begins at 10:50 and ends at around 16:00).

  16. "In politics, we rule all sides" -- The elite rule both sides of the political spectrum. As I state in my book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy, you don't understand power unless you understand that at the highest levels, the world is a chessboard. If can't say you have power unless you understand that the hand that moves the white pieces and the hand that moves the black pieces must be the same hand.

  17. "Who'll question our efficiency / To eliminate all decency" -- In the halls of the satanic power elite, there are no limits to evil and indecency: sex trafficking, ritual child and animal sacrifices, murder, torture, rape -- it's all there. All of it.

  18. "Or the ways we use Big Tech / To bring about our global wreck" -- If you haven't figured out by now that the massive censorship going on in Big Tech is demonstrative of their allegiance to the satanic agenda, then you haven't been paying attention.

  19. "They'll never know 'cause they're too stupid" -- Some will think that this is a little cruel. One friend of mine is fond of saying, "La gente no es estúpida. Son simplemente ignorantes." (The people aren't stupid. They're just ignorant.) But after watching people's behavior during CoVid, I'm not so sure. I think Einstein may have had a point.

  20. "To watch out for their own welfare" -- Leftists hate the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). It's more fun to watch people be totally defenseless -- unable to protect their property, their wives and children, help protect their neighbors. Study after study has shown that when the general population is armed, crime drops. Conversely, the places with the most stringent anti-weapons prohibitions -- think Chicago -- have the most violent crime. Governments can outlaw guns all they want to. Regardless, criminals will still find a way to get arms and take advantage of a disarmed population.

  21. "Once we tap into your mind" -- A people's first line of defense is their mind. If you allow another person or group of people to take over your mind, then, yes, you are enshrining their domain. You have given up the gift of free will. That's what possessed means: you have given up ownership of your person to dark forces.

    Verse Three

  22. "These Democrats aren't working" -- Some will view this as a naked attack on the Democratic Party -- a partisan attack. My response to that is: "this is not our grandparents' Democratic Party." I was raised in a Democratic household. My parents were huge supports of JFK and were crushed when he was assasinated. My parents had a superficial view of politics, but still, they were supportive of whoever they thought represented the working class. The party of Thomas Jefferson is long dead and gone. In its place we now have Bolsheviks, intently focussed on destroying the country that people of both major parties fought vigorously to defend. There is nothing American about this party. For a political party that speaks so callously about Russians, it's interesting how closely they resemble Soviet communists of old. No wonder Vladimir Putin recently compared Democrats to the old Soviets.

  23. "make them poisonous" -- Bolsheviks show no mercy when dealing people who do not share their radical views. Our new breed of American Bolsheviks are no different.

  24. "country's strangeness" -- Leftists delight in all manner of strangeness and perversity. This has been going on for a long time. Bitchute alone has 32 compelling videos showing how Michelle Obama, the previous First Lady, is a man. Excuse me, but despite the overwhelming evidence, how many Americans know that they had a trannie as their first lady -- a "chick with a dick." Call me old school, but this is strange to me. Interestingly, you don't see any Republican trannies. Coincidence? I don't know. Sing it with me, boys and girls.

  25. "By our unholy unseen hand" -- The point here is that the massive destruction the U.S. by CNN's "peaceful protestors" (what a joke) has a spiritual foundation. The real forces instigating the destruction of the U.S. by radical elements is unseen.

  26. "made so by whores in media" -- Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts, and other notable commentators call the mouthpieces of the mainstream media, presstitutes. They're whores. Perhaps it's an unfair choice of words. What sex workers do for a living is infinitely more honorable than what most TV journalists do.

  27. "the few of them who aren't possessed." -- The Democratic Party has morphed into the party of the demonically possessed. I explain myself in the "June 8 - morning edition" which I posted for my June entries. The title of the entry is "Trump Derangement Syndrome" (TDS) Is It Real?"

  28. "to see the role of television" -- Television, next to higher education, is the most neurotoxic component of American life. Yes, it's been 45 years since Jerry Mander penned, Four arguments for the elimination of television, which is pictured in the video, but it is still a highly relevant read.

  29. "who really controls Hollywood" -- The YouTube channel, Blackchild Upreload, has so many hundreds of examples of Satanic practices in Hollywood that I'm surprised it hasn't been censored. On second thought, perhaps Hollywoodites are proud of their satanic allegiance. These videos have been posted throughout the past ten years, and the channel has almost 50,000 subscribers. No wonder nearly all the "A-listers" in Hollywood are committed left-wing Democrats.

  30. "The rest of them sense abject slavery" -- A critical mass of people are forming who understand that the current communist takeover in the U.S. will lead to "abject slavery." They didn't construct those 200+ FEMA camps for nothing and stock them with 70,000 guillotines, many with a spare parts kit that has another 20 blades.

  31. "Now that you'll be left behind / Your blood with ours will be combined" -- This is a reference to "tribulationists" in Christian eschatology. Those who are left behind truly do mix their essence with the demonic collective, in this view. My personal view is somewhat different and is similar to what was shown to Emanual Swedenborg nearly 270 years ago: a loving God does not send people to hell. Hell is not a punishment. Hell is a choice. We see that with these demonic BLM and Antifa kids. People are not sent to hell. They dive right in. They want hell and they hate the Creator and everything He stands for.
    Hillary Clinton worshipped Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals -- who famously dedicated his last book to Lucifer with these words: "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins -- or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom -- Lucifer."
    The connection between Hillary Clinton and Alinsky is well-established, and I'm sure that Alinsky is in hell as I write these words. He's not there because he was punished. He's in hell because he wants hell. It's his choice. Hell will be Clinton's destination, as well. She wants hell in this world and in the next. Most of the BLM and Antifa types, same thing. They are repulsed by anything good, wholesome, or sacred, so hell is what they want. Consequently, hell is what they will get. It is what they have chosen.

    Verse Four

  32. "alternatives are working" -- Even if the CoVid scare game failed completely, people refused in mass to take a toxic vaccine designed to demonically alter their genetics, and Republicans took the presidency and both houses, the Elites still have measures in place to fulfill their plans. That is the subject of the fourth and fifth verse.

  33. "we'll cook them with 5G"-- I've been reporting on this danger since February, when I cited (through Paul Craig Roberts) a report by Jon Rappoport on the connections between 5G and the CoVid phenomenon. Now my blog has 331 references to 5G. It doesn't install confidence that the governments of the world are assisting 5G telecom companies in shutting down any attempts to assess its health risks, just like they're assisting vaccine companies by insuring that they cannot be sued, no later how great the damage is which their vaccines create. You don't behave like this unless you're attempting to hide the effects. If 5G were safe, they'd run a few inexpensive tests to silence their critics forever, and then they would advertise it's proven safety. However, they refuse to do that, and 5G's critics know why.

  34. "We'll blame it all on global warming" -- It's totally demonic. All of it. I have no doubt that anthropogenic inputs have effects on the weather, but after years of study, I've come to the conclusion that this is miniscule compared to the influences of the sun and external astrophysical events. Now that we've entered Solar Cycle 25, where temperatures are expected to be colder, what are the global warming advocates going to say then? (Even NASA, lying bastards that they are, admitted that this solar cycle will be the lowest in 200 years.)
    I came to the conclusion that climate change was politically motivated and total nonsense when I was forced to confront the reality that the same members of the Elite who fund the global climate change movement are the same people who would send out an assasin to take you out if you ever came out with a viable alternative to the petro-dependent, internal combustion engine. How do I know that? Because I have known four brilliant men in my career who did just that. Three of them are dead, and one of them is on his way out.

  35. "We'll take away 'lectricity" -- The elite have had access to EMP weaponry since the 50s. You're a fool to think that just because they haven't used it yet, they never will. We know what the effects are from the historical reports of the Carrington Event of 1859. If this happened today, the effects would be tragic. In some areas, there would be a return to the Stone Age for an indeterminable period of time. Interestingly, to preserve infrastructure, they wouldn't even have to light off an EMP. They could destroy the electrical grids using BLM or Antifa agents who were specifically trained for this assignment and then blame it on an EMP. Regardless, it's a destructive tool they can use whenever they want.

  36. "And bathe them in toxicity" -- Well, they've been doing that for years already. Between the flouride in the water, toothpaste, and other consumer goods -- (industrial flouride is a neurotoxic) -- the GMO frankenfood, whose long-term negative effects we know better now than when I first started talking about this online 20 years ago, effects of glyphosate and other poorly tested agricultural chemicals, and now, 5G, etc., we are already "bathing in toxicity." Can they make it worse? Of course, they could. And they will. They're demonic and they're committed eugenicists. They want worldwide population down to 500 million, marginally functioning, completely obedient, easily programmable cyborg slaves. Their literature brags about it, and they won't stop until they get what they want.

  37. "Then we'll cut the food supply / To watch the masses as they die." -- This has been an integral part of the leftist playbook for over a century. Josef Stalin did it. Mao Zedong did it. And if you let him, the minions around Joe Biben will do it. Actually, the plan to starve the masses is already been executed as has been faithfully reported by Christian over at Ice Age Farmer. Bookmark his website now.

  38. "that leads to mass depopulation" -- Even I believe that we are exceeding our environmental footprint. There are, however, humane ways of getting our numbers down to a reasonable level. After reading Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich (1968), I did my part. I got a visectomy in 1984 and have had no biological children. The elite don't like things that are humane, however. They're demonic. They serve Lucifer. They serve the archons. They'd rather encourage higher population numbers so that they have more people to terrorize and murder. The best book, I found, to get an understanding of the real science -- not the propaganda, but the real science -- on the relationship between population numbers and carrying capacity is Overshoot: The Ecological Basis for Evolutionary Change by William R. Catton, Jr. (1982).

  39. "to get to that 500 million" -- I happen to believe that the elite's target figure for world population is ridiculously undersized. But be that as it may, this is what they want. This is what they've been promising you, even though you've been too busy watching television to pay attention. So you can expect them to do everything possible to make it happen, now that they have used CoVid to prove to the universe that human beings are the dumbest humanoids to be found. Anywhere. In this galaxy and perhaps any other. Always remember: "your stupidity confers their right to rule."

  40. "as long as it will serve the archon" -- Archons are insidious demonic creatures that if you're an experienced psychonaut, you'll encounter them in the astral and noetic planes. Look this up online and the troll community will tell you that these are fabled creatures that go back to the Gnostics over 2,000 years ago. That they are mythological.
    They are not.
    I discuss this briefly in my book, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca (2012).
    These entities are everywhere, and they do a great deal to influence human beings so that they can feed off the "loosh" -- the energy human beings generate from intense negative emotions: rage, hatred, greed, cruelty, etc. Their favorite food is fear -- the more intense, the better. Our job as spiritually evolving human beings is to become aware of these creatures and resist them, not cooperate with them. They are among the most vile parasites in the entire universe. They are found most heavily concentrated within the inner workings of governments, because governmental entities are in a position to generate more "loosh." If you want to know why governments have a propensity to gravitate from one fear-monging operation to the next, now you know. Satanic rituals are designed to attract them.

  41. "Your soul is done, it's ours to bind" -- You don't have to be an aspiring actress who screws the director and then takes up the offer to sign a contract with Lucifer in blood -- (that's actually quite ubiquitous in Hollywood among the A-Listers, by the way) -- to commit your soul to the Prince of Darkness. No, no, no. That's far too exclusive for most people. You can show your commitment to Lucifer and your hatred for God in so many other ways. Like -- oh, I don't know. Let me think a minute. Oh yeah. Voting for Joe Biden!

    Verse Five

  42. "While all the pieces are in place" -- Just like a well-made mechanical watch has many moving pieces that work in unison, so do the plans of your elite. It isn't any one thing that will bring about the functional extinction of human beings as we know them. No. The coordination of varying events that work together to serve a common end -- in this case, a world completely devoted to Lucifer.

  43. "That lead to something cataclysmal" -- the video shows an animation of a nuclear explosion, but this is just a metaphor. The world's elite are working to create their NWO (New World Order). They believe they are creating order out of chaos. They've been working on it for almost 250 years, and they've been bragging about their goal for a long time. The U.S. one dollar bill is inscribed with: "Annuit Coeptis -- Novus Ordo Seclorum" ("Announcing the birth of -- the New World Order.") Yet very few who have helped circulate this bill know anything about what it says.
    In my vision quests, which number in the hundreds, I've been shown that Lucifer is infinitely more intelligent than his followers. The New World Order with the "anti-Christ" in charge of all nations is not the ultimate goal. It's just a waypoint, compared to the horrific world that Lucifer really has in mind. Think of a fun roadtrip on the old Route 66. You've just left Santa Monica, and you're on your way to Chicago. The New World Order? That's a pit stop in Barstow for a hamburger and a coke. What Lucifer's followers don't understand is that he will, in his own good time, end up throwing them under the bus with everybody else. Because they've gotten a lot of fun material benefits on this fake, 3rd dimensional hologram for being obedient, they think they are exempt from being deceived. They think that they're special. They will eventually be shocked at the results of their choices. So will most committed Democrats.
    So -- yeah -- we get to experience "something cataclysmal" in stages. A something that goes from dark to darker.

  44. "while desecrating Natural Law" -- In the demonic realms, you experience a hatred for not only the Creator, but anything that represents the Natural Order of things -- Natural Law. Leftists, for example, will tell you how much they care about Nature. That is the supposed impulse behind the climate change gang. Once you look beneath the facade, however, you quickly realize that the Leftist/Satanic agenda calls for the death of everything. If they could get that far, the entire planet would be sterilized and made lifeless.

  45. "We hide intent with teams of trolls" -- If you spend time on the message boards of anything not officially approved, you run into these characters. They've turned the internet into a termite-infested house. I wrote about my encounter with them in an article I wrote in 2015 called, When Big Pharma Shills Rule the Blogosphere.

  46. "The FEMA camps and guillotines" -- Former professional wrestler, Hollywood actor and a former governor of the state of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, had a series from 2009 to 2012 called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. In the second season, Jesse did an episode called Police State, which discussed the FEMA concentration camps. It was one of the most censored of any show in the history of U.S. television. Worse things have happened to those who explore this topic. David Crowley, the creator of the unreleased movie, Gray State, was murdered in 2015, along with his wife and daughter, for covering the subject.
    However, if you practice "remote viewing" long enough, you can see these camps for yourself and you don't have to take anyone's word for any of it. There are FEMA camps in place. The U.S. government has purchased tens of thousands of guillotines, which will, in time, be used to execute people. You don't have to believe it if you don't want to. Three of my last four books intimated about what 2020 was about -- years before it happened. I wasn't able to specify the exact year, but I saw the events. Few people listened back then. Few people listen now. Few people will matter once our Elite -- (they love us so much!) -- start filling these camps with fresh occupants.

  47. "We'll thin the herd with our vaccines" -- The CoVid vaccination program is multi-faceted. It will kill more people than the 5G/CoVid condition ever did, and it will fundamentally change the DNA of the survivors. Click the image above to listen to Mike Adams' interview with Dr. Carrie Madej, M.D., about this important topic. Madej also has a great YouTube channel who has talked extensively about the hokey Covid agenda.

  48. "To the well-planned 'nihilation" -- Do you really think you could go from 8 billion people to 500 million without having one?
  49. "A few may see coming tide / Of things that lead to their demise" -- I discuss in my book, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca that it is possible to see into the realms of heaven and hell at will. Swedenborg was able to do this, and so am I. Swedenborg was just better at it. He could, speaking metaphorically, ride a bicycle. I can do the same thing, but I use training wheels (i.e. get help using entheogenic tools, like San Pedro, vilca seed, magic mushrooms, and ayahuasca). I have had one -- and only one -- encounter with Lucifer. Quite a terrifying experience. It happened on the evening of Saturday, October 13, 2018.
    When I asked why he would disclose his entire plan to a bum like me, he said, "Because you're a Cassandra. Nobody will believe you." For those who don't remember their Greek mythology, Cassandra was the priestess to Apollo, who was given the gift of seeing the future. She even tried to warn the citizens of Troy, that the wooden horse was full of Greek warriors, posed to destroy the city after nightfall. Nobody believed her.
    I am convinced that there are many others who have this ability and just aren't talking about it. Many of us "see the coming tide." Perhaps there are, among those of us with this ability, those who simply don't want to face the horror of what they've been shown. Perhaps there are those who wish to escape ridicule, or know, as well, that nobody will believe what they they've been shown. I am in no position to blame them.

  50. "(But) there's scarcity of sanity / To see the fate of humanity" -- Mankind has been blinded to the point where it cannot see the obviousness of what is coming. The multiverse is like a multi-layered cake consisting of different densities, dimensions, and alternate realities (i.e. parallel universes). I have written about all of this. Mankind has been dumbed down to the point where the average person can only see the frosting on the very surface.

  51. "There is nothing too unkind / Now that we control your mind" -- It is only a man's intelligence and full conscious awareness in understanding his surroundings that gives him true sovereignty over his person. If you don't own your own mind, you own nothing. Demonic possession is the worst surrender of sovereignty of them all. The state of possession strips away most of your powers of free will, dulls the mind, limits your ability to understand the consequences of your thoughts and actions, and turns you into a servant of cosmic forces that rob you of your spiritual heritage and enlist you into the cause of sabotaging your own interests.
    This couplet completes the song. The first refrain was the female demon telling you, "There is nothing too unkind / If we can just control your mind." By the end of the song, this has developed to, "Now that we control your mind."
    That there is more than 5% of the U.S. population that would even consider electing Biden -- given what he represents and what he has promised for America, tells you how close we are to the annihilation foretold in the previous verse.

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