November 01, 2022
Greg Caton

November 2022 Newsletter


Greg wrote about his personal history with black salve and the now synonymous Cansema®. If you want to know the REAL history of Cansema® -- plus get valuable formulary information, read Meditopia® at

The following topics are covered in this history of Cansema and Greg's legacy:

(1) How the author came to discover formulas and methods that cured thousands of cancer patients over a 14 year period ... the majority for well under $100 ... over 99%, topically; over 50%, internally.The foundation for most of this work was well-developed in the 1800's -- effectively suppressed by Organized Medicine for financial gain.

(2) Contains Patents, Formulas, and Case Histories on Effective Cures for Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes ... all effective, all with extensive histories, and all officially suppressed by medical authorities. Discusses the how and why behind official medical suppression.

(3) Why most commercial marketed herbal products on the market don't work -- how regulatory authorities allow and even encourage marginal "natural" products so that the reputation for "alternatives" in the marketplace is adversely affected.

(4)The Great American Medical Holocaust: How official medical suppression dating in the modern era from the 1840's has prematurely killed tens of millions of people. How the U.S. FDA has used the powers obtained through American imperialism to squash real medical advances, domestic and foreign. How such medical suppression is helping to bankrupt the so-called "health care" system.

(5) How entropic societal forces will eventually bring an end to the Holocaust, creating an era of truly effective, non-toxic, non-invasive, inexpensive medical treatments and protocols. This will mark the end of the current era of medical barbarism and financial servitude. How every reader of this book can contribute to that process.

(6) The cultural, political, and economic structures that will evolve to create a Meditopia -- a state where true 'health care' replaces the current, profit-based 'disease & symptom care' model.

Thank you,

Cathryn Caton, N.D.
Alpha Omega Labs

Disclaimer: The information above is provided by Alpha Omega Labs and reflects the personal history of its founder Greg Caton and his opinions. The information provided in Meditopia in no way negates the valuable information that a qualified physicians provides you.
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