July 01, 2024
Greg Caton

July 2024 Newsletter


One of our long time customers shared a link with us from the website Unbekoming. They have done a "Black Salve By Greg Caton Unbekoming Interactive Book Summary". We would love to thank both our customer and Unbekoming for thinking of us and Greg's work. We encourage you all to visit the site and read this summary on one of Greg's true passions,the study of escharotic medicine.

On a completely different note we have had an increase in questions regarding our anti-parasitic protocols.

The idea that controlling parasite activity in the body is critical to good health is not new, nor is the observation that parasites thrive in a host that is diseased.

In North America, early colonists left extensive writings describing parasites they would encounter and the remedies employed to get rid of them. Well into the 20th century, grandparents on our side of the Atlantic were still instructing their children and their children's children on the value of a spring tonic (using sulphur and molasses, the former being a general vermifuge or parasite-killer).

None of these ideas are new. They are lost.

The transition into ignorance, in our collective opinion at AO Labs, was aided by the migration of Western society from one that is primarily agrarian to one that is overwhelmingly urban. At the turn of the 19th century, a little more than 10% of Americans, to pick one example, were urbanites - the rest of the population essentially "lived on the farm". One hundred years later, these ratios roughly reversed themselves. Dealing with parasites on the farm, where both humans and livestock live close to the soil and bio-waste, is a simple fact of animal husbandry.

What has resulted from this descension into ignorance concerning this facet of good health maintenance is nothing short of an epidemic.

The following are our products in order of strength from lesser to greater.

(1) Paico Tea:

The product is an herbal blend of Paico and Peppermint -- both possessing vermicidal properties, with the former the stronger contributor to this medicinal property. Despite the efforts of the medical establishment to "pooh-pooh" Paico's worm-killing capabilities, studies have consistency bore out its efficacy.

(2) Worms B Gone:

Old Amish Dewormer (now called Worms-B-Gone) was first introduced in 2002, as part of our Liver/Colon Cleansing Program.

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(3) Anti Paravite:

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(4) Oje Resin:

Oje is one of the most important "medicines" used by the indigenous in the Amazon, because the area is unquestionably the most parasite-infested region in the world. If parasites are a concern to village people in the Peruvian Amazon, they can take papaya and/or zapallo seeds, along with various concoctions incorporating paico to get rid of the problem if it isn't severe.Oje is what you take when the problem is severe.

Cathryn Caton, N.D.
September 5, 2013
Updated: June 25, 2015
Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Disclaimer: The information above is provided by Alpha Omega Labs and reflects the personal history of its founder Greg Caton and his opinions. The information provided in no way negates the valuable information that a qualified physicians provides you.

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