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A Word About
Texturized Soy

This page contains newly introduced textured soy flour and concentrate products -- both of which are commonly used in place of animal meat products. If you are not familiar with textured soy and how to use them, please read our textured soy information page. If you ARE familiar with them, you will be surprised at how competitive our prices are. As always, email us with any questions you have about these new products.

Will I Get
Enough Protein?

Note: Many of the facts for this article were abstracted from The Lumen Book (1986), p. 154-161, written by Lumen Foods' founder, Greg Caton - available from this online store. For brevity's sake, the footnoted sources related to the more technical information has been left off this page. They can be found in the book.

The subject of human protein requirements as it relates to dietary nutrition is as old as the science itself. For political reasons, it is also quite controversial.
Several important studies conducted in the '50s placed the percentage at 2.5% of daily caloric intake: an amount equal to 20 grams (two-thirds of an ounce) for an adult man (assuming a "high" caloric intake of 3,200 calories). The figure arrived at by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1942 was about twice that: 5% of daily caloric intake.
Such low figures are supported by epidemiological studies: many populations live in excellent health on considerably less than this amount, and, in fact, those populations with the largest percentages of centenarians are in cultures where the daily diet is largely vegetarian or at least semi-vegetarian, protein intake is low, and rigorous daily exercise is a requirement for survival. Examples include the Hunzas of the Himalayan Mountains, the Vilcabambans of Equador, and residents of the Russian Caucasus. (p. 99).
When The Lumen Book was first written (under the title "Lumen: Food For A New Age" - changed because some people falsely assumed from the title that it had something to do with the New Age Movement) a position was taken that because lower protein levels dominated in cultures with better health and greater longevity, low protein must be optimal in the human diet. But as we'll see in a moment, this position deserves closer scrutiny.
One of the historical conditions that swayed my early thinking was the illogical use of rat studies to make conclusions as to human nutritional needs. This precedence goes back to the days of Osborn and Mendal (1914), who based their high protein requirements for humans on experiments using laboratory rats. The higher protein requirements for rats is evident by the fact that rat breast milk is ten times more concentrated in protein than that of mother's milk. (p. 155) To this day the widest used measure of protein efficiency for humans is PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio). The PER was devised in 1919 to measure rat growth and measures weight gain and protein consumed as a ratio. The figures have not been altered, even though many of the earlier premises have been debunked. (For instance, the human need for lycine is only 68% that of rats, and our need for methionine and cystine is less than half that of rats -- discoveries that were made in the 1940's). The flaw is obvious -- as one health writer put it, "Using rat assays to determine the protein need of humans is like trying to measure the running speed of a human by measuring the speed of a two-legged dog."
Today I hold to my original position that humans can live perfectly healthy, long lives on a level of caloric protein intake that is well below the standard set by the politically-motived U.S. Government's "daily recommended allowances." But are these levels optimal? That question became raised again, in my mind, by the highly compelling work of best-selling author, Dr. Barry Sears. I have written a separate article, outside the Virtual Store, which discusses in detail his findings. But I feel, based on everything we now know, that humans do, indeed, subsist well on a diet low in protein, as low as 2 or 3%. But there is strong evidence that a level that is closer to 30% is more optimal, and there is no question that optimal athletic performance demands greater protein intake. Despite controversy on the subject, there is no credible evidence to believe otherwise.

Greg Caton, Founder, Lumen Foods
Greg Caton
Food Technologist
Founder, Lumen Foods
Lake Charles, LA
December 10, 1998

According to Dr. Barry Sears, noted biotechnologist and best-selling author, the human body functions best on a caloric intake ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat. This is sometimes abbreviated as the 40/30/30 Concept. (We have written a separate article outside this Virtual Store on the adaptation of Sear's concepts to the well-documented advantages of high-quality vegetable protein over animal protein... but... lest we digress...)
We frankly believe that although the recipe sections of Sear's works fail to take "vegetable protein advantages" into account, his basic analysis is sound: in fact, we recanted conclusions in our own previous book (Lumen Book, 1986) where we argued that human beings need very little dietary protein (the truth, we now know, is that although humans can get by on very little protein, they function more optimally at 30% protein).
With this in mind, we believe that most Y2K food storage programs are protein deficient: yes, you will "survive," but your post-Y2K dietary regimen will probably be short on polypeptides.
Below we offer a variety of food storage solutions which "up the protein" level of your food pantry without taking a big hit on your bank account.
Nutritional statements on protein levels are clearly indicated.

IMPORTANT: Remember, when you click on "Add to Cart," you are adding to your "shopping cart" just those items whose quantities you have increased in the table immediately above that "Add to Cart" button. The remainder of this page has three "Add to Cart" buttons.

Textured Soy Flour & Concentrate
See our Expanded Version of this Section for more information

T his table covers our unflavored, texturized soy protein line of products. We cover these products elsewhere in our Virtual Store, but they have an important place on this page: TVP flours are 50% pure protein, and soy flour "concentrates" are approximately 70%. If you are not an experienced user of TVP's, you might want to consider ordering Y2K'd versions of our Heartline and/or Stonewall's Jerquee products below: virtually ALL TVP's contain "oligosaccharides" that are flatugenic to many people; moreover, they are unflavored and bland and do not compare in flavor to either our Heartline Meatless Meats or our imitation jerky products. (Like our products, however, textured soy concentrates are relatively free of oligosaccharides.) The products below are less than 7% moisture: if you keep them in a warm, dry place they will last for years with or without mylar packaging, oxygen absorbers, and plastic pails. But then, if you want the insurance, you can always purchase these items from us separately.
Lastly, you will note that pricing below is separated into a (1) by the pallet, and (2) by the small 8 oz. bag. Soy Nuttles® are the same thing as the high-priced, high-protein breakfast cereal you may have seen around the internet. The only difference? Our pricing is dramatically less.

Code Y2K Solutions Net Wt. Case Price Quantity
. Texturized Soy Flour
& Concentrates
. . .
2600 Texturized Soy Protein
Large Chunk #10 - 5 oz.
5 oz. .39 Qty:
2605 Texturized Soy Concen-
trate Hamburger - 5 oz.
5 oz. .79 Qty:
2700 Texturized Concentrate
Chicken Emulator - 5 oz.
5 oz. .79 Qty:
2705 Soy Nuttles® Hi-Protein
Breakfast Cereal - 2 oz.
2 oz. .29 Qty:
. Super Discount
Volume (Bulk) Pricing
. . .
2600V Texturized Soy Protein
Large Chunk (500 Lbs.)
(25 Lbs. x 20 bags)
500# 249.00 Qty:
2605V Texturized Concentrate
Hamburger (500 Lbs.)
500# 449.00 Qty:
2700V Texturized Concentrate
Chicken Emulator (500#)
500# 449.00 Qty:
2705V Soy Nuttles® Hi-Protein
Breakfast Cereal (500#)
500# 429.00 Qty:

The NO COW! symbol

T his table covers our popular fat-free milk replacement products Heaven on Earth. An 8 fl. oz. glass of Heaven on Earth contains 12 grams of protein. (You can leave the Store and review the rest of the Nutrition Facts on the Heaven on Earth line, if you wish.) The difference between the items below and those found on the main Heaven on Earth order page is that the items below have been Y2K'd in super pails for long-term storage.
With 0.75 ounces of product equal to one 8 fl. oz. glass of milk, these pails yield 640 glass of milk each! That's less than $ 0.15 a glass!

Code Y2K Solutions Net Wt. Case Price Quantity
. Heaven On Earth . . .
280K Heaven On Earth, Reg. 30.00 95.00 Qty:
281K Heaven On Earth, Carob 30.00 95.00 Qty:

Heartline Meatless Meats
Meat Replacement

T his table covers a choice selection of our most popular meat replacement products from our Heartline Meatless Meats line and our Stonewall's Jerquee. For those who are familiar with Lumen Foods: the Heartline products are for reconstituting and using in place of meat, and Stonewall's is a line of imitation "beef jerky" products.
Stonewall's: Y2K'd in its own 5# bag Each Super Pail described below comes packaged as follows: five (5) five-pound bags (or 25# total), where each 5# bag is packaged in mylar with its own 200E oxygen absorber. Each pail has its own 1000E absorber, so there's six absorbers per pail. The photo at left (same at the one at the top of this page) shows a 5# bag of Stonewall's Jerquee that's been "Y2K'd."
You can examine the protein levels and other Nutrition Facts of the items below. The Heartline pails make approximately 50 pounds of "meat."

Code Y2K Solutions Net Wt. Case Price Quantity
. Heartline / Stonewall's . . .
601K Heartline, Unflavored Fillet 25.00 98.00 Qty:
602K Heartline, Unflav. Minced 25.00 98.00 Qty:
603K Heartline, Beef Fillet 25.00 98.00 Qty:
604K Heartline, Ground Beef 25.00 98.00 Qty:
605K Heartline, Canadian Bacon 25.00 98.00 Qty:
606K Heartline, Chicken Fillet 25.00 98.00 Qty:
607K Heartline, Pepperoni Style 25.00 98.00 Qty:
608K Heartline, Italian Sausage 25.00 98.00 Qty:
609K Heartline, Mexican Beef 25.00 98.00 Qty:
610K Heartline, Teriyaki Beef 25.00 98.00 Qty:
611K Heartline, California Ham 25.00 98.00 Qty:
699K Heartline, Mixed
5# each: Beef, Chicken, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, and Canadian Bacon
25.00 102.00 Qty:
310K Stonewall's, Mild 25.00 118.00 Qty:
311K Stonewall's, Wild 25.00 118.00 Qty:
312K Stonewall's, Spicy Chick. 25.00 118.00 Qty:
313K Stonewall's, Pepperoni 25.00 118.00 Qty:
314K Stonewall's, Teriyaki Beef 25.00 118.00 Qty:
315K Stonewall's, Hot Pastrami 25.00 118.00 Qty:
399K Stonewall's, Mixed
5# each flav., except Wild
25.00 125.00 Qty: